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Genuine Ink Cartridge for CANON Printer

Genuine Ink Cartridge for CANON Printer

The Canon ink cartridge we offer is 100% genuine original. It is widely used by the customers from more than 80 countries all over the world. The fast delivery, as well as 10% to 30% discount, will not only improve your working efficiency, but also reduce the production cost.

As a professional supplier for printing consumables, our company has been recognized as the specialized distributor for the ink cartridge for Canon, Epson, HP wide format printers. The product we offer for Canon printers can be classified as follows.

Items Description Applied Printer
PFI-101 Ink Cartridge--130ml Canon iPF5000/5100/6000S/6100/6200
PFI-102 Ink Cartridge--130ml Canon LP17/LP24, Canon iPF500/600/605/610/650/655, Canon iPF700 /710/720/750/755
PFI-103 Ink Cartridge--130ml For Canon iPF5100/6100/6200
PFI-106 Ink Cartridge--130ml Canon iPF6300/6350
PFI-701 Ink Cartridge--700ml Canon iPF8000/8100/8000S/9000/9100/9000S
PFI-702 Ink Cartridge--700ml Canon iPF8100/9100
PFI-704/706 Ink Cartridge--700ml Canon iPF8300
PF-03 Print head CanonIPF500/510/600/605/610/700/710/720/810/815/820/825; CanonIPF6000S/8000S/8010S/9000S/9010S;
PF-05 Print head Canon 6300/6350/8310
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